Peter : Where did you come from?
Mozzie : Forty five years back enigma gave paradox a very special hug.

It wasn't fourty-five years for me, but rather fourty-two, an answer to life, the universe, and everything... 

I'm sorry.  

What was the question?


People make a DIE-ing now.

They've forgotten how to make a



About the Author

I am who I think I am.

There was a time when that statement was more of a question, but it's a certainty now. I've experienced the 3D world's ups and downs and it's a fun ride; when you know & remember it's a ride.

I live in very rural Oregon, peddling my skills with IT, Marketing, and web site design so I can spend more time with those I love, living as we choose in this moment.

My Grrls live with me & provide a LOT of inspiration because they're always doing things that are both unexpected and entertaining. They say a lot and I know how to listen to the words/pictures/videos they send telepathically.

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